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Assisted Distance

Key Concepts

Wing Loading: Weight each square unit of wing is lifting. 

Sink Rate: Speed at which the aircraft is approaching the ground.  (vertical air speed)


All Fly for Fun days are video rich PowerPoint presentations designed to explain key aerodynamic concepts particular to contest events.  The mix of events creates a comprehensive understanding of flight dynamics. League paper and other contest materials are available through the store on this website.  For sample videos go to The Contest section.

Required Materials for each person:


Two weights of US letter size paper (20lb and 26lb will work well).  One sheet of each.


One sheet of very light weight paper US letter size or close approximation (Phonebook paper will work, or 9lb smooth onion skin paper)  One sheet. (League paper comes in strips cut to the correct size strips for making Tumbling Wings)


11 x 17 piece of corregated cardboard.


Allow 90 minutes to complete this activity which includes learning:


1. Making a Nakamura Lock paper airplane

2. Basic paper airplane adjusting techiques

3. Wing Loading effects

4. Making a Tumbling Wing

5. Making it tumble straight

6. Sink Rate effects

7. Flying a  Tumbling Wing using a flight board (cardboard air scoop)


Day 1 Kit includes supplies for 30 students:


*Paper Stock for light weight paper airplane

*Paper Stock for heavier paper airplane

*Paper Strips for making Tumbling Wings

*Cardboard flight boards to pilot the Tumbling Wings

*PowerPoint with video and instructions


Quantifying Wing Loading and Sink Rates can be done mathematically with commonly available materials.  Click the science projects link for more information.

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