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Who competes?

Because learning is a lifelong activity.  USFAFL encourages everyone to compete.  Divisions are by age and height.  Kids who are tall for their age will be moved into the older age bracket.  Height (and associated arm length) is an advantage.  Because this league seeks to bring generations together, there is a family division.  Whole families may enter as a single competitor, designating a different member to compete in each event, if they so choose.  Families will compete against other families.  For purposes of this contest, families will by defined by cohabitation and not legal status.  If you've taken the trash out more than once at that address, we'll assume you're part of the family.  Grand parents do not have to prove cohabitation to compete with the family.  Haven't they already done enough? 

Age brackets: 

Under 13 and under 62 inches tall

Over 13 or taller than 62 inches


Ages under 10 may prefer to compete in the family division. 

Maximum number of throwers: three.

Maximum family size: 6

Some museum locations may charge a small fee for operating Fly for Fun Days.  Those funds support your local museum.  USFAFL's mission is to provide quality educational programs to museums, schools, libraries and other places of learning, at low or no cost.  USFAFL does not charge institutions any fees to use our programs.  Some equipment and consumables are provided at a low cost. 


USFAFL sponsors The National Paper Airplane Contest. STEM education days are free and accessible to educators through this website.  Officially competing in the national contest supports our outreach programs. 


Entrance fees also help support your local museums, schools, libraries, and other places of learning.



Individual: $25


Family: max $100

(n-1) x $25 where n is the number of family members

Entrace Fees:



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